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Searching for the “laminating services near me”? We, at MilanPOD, offer the best lamination services. Our highly maintained laminating machines and professional operators are known for their plastic lamination services. Book Titles/Covers need to be laminated for smooth finishing and it also saves the title from dust and also little wear-tear. But getting cheap laminating services is always been a tough task when the client needs quality work. MilanPOD provides almost free lamination services when you give the order for printing of book titles or ordering the complete printing book from us.

Lamination of a book involves plastic film, a well-operated machine with an experienced operator. Books’ lamination service is an important part of completing a digitally printed book. Before moving on to the lamination process, it’s noteworthy to mention our partnership with a service like hausarbeit schreiben lassenwhich offers assistance in academic writing and is one of our valued partners in ensuring the best preparation for your publications. It is a process we use before the binding process. It helps in maintaining the quality of the cover of the book. Any publisher who wants the covers of their books to be laminated or any individual needs the cheap laminating services for their documents can easily get affordable help with our lamination service. Lamination improves the overall quality of the book which can help it for longer life.

Matt Lamination Services

This is a very common lamination type by MilanPOD in which this lamination is ideally used for covers and posters. It also helps to enhance color quality and make the documents and sheets extra durable. Matt Lamination is also famous for its professional and smooth finish. It is considered as the most fashionable choice for the lamination service. The matt finished cover is less reflective than gloss. It gives a more natural look for a book cover or document. It also has the power to absorbs more scratches and scuffs. And it looks attractive in bookshelf. Well, some love this matte lamination but there are also few people who don’t like it. The less reflective surface maybe reduce the intensity of the color which seems to washed-out color print. It provides a softer look by producing a darker color and lower contrast. But Matt lamination service with the quality of absorbing scratches makes it special among all.

Matt lamination- MilanPOD
Gloss lamination- MilanPOD

Gloss Lamination

This brings proper color to the lamination. It’s actually bringing color to life. It is the most commonly used and ideal for book covers and heavy artwork that have enhanced colors. Gloss Lamination is stunning in visual. With its color quality, gloss rich look, it makes the book cover a richer product. Gloss Laminating service is dust and fingerprint repellent. When it comes in contact with foreign materials like dust, dirt then it can directly be wiped easily. And that’s the reason, gloss lamination is best for paperback perfect binding books. Though gloss lamination has many features but scuffs, scratches are more visible in gloss covers due to its glossy reflective nature. So, the book will be a little fade if it comes with scratches at a regular interval of time.

Velvet Lamination

Velvet Lamination gives the soft texture and velvet feel by adding a protective layer and gives a delicate feel with long-lasting prints. It also provides the richer look like gloss lamination. This is considered a high-end lamination service best for those business owners or publishers who want something different in their books. Velvet lamination is not considered a cheap way to laminate paper. Also, velvet laminated visiting cards can make you stand out from the crowd. It can be used on catalogs, greeting cards, book covers according to the requirements of the publishers. The laminate pictures with the velvet lamination are also scuff-free like Matt Lamination. The contrast is low and also provides a lighter appearance. But, it is the most luxurious lamination available in the market with a non-glossy effect.

Velvet lamination - MilanPOD
Soft touch Lamination - MilanPOD

Soft Touch Lamination

Soft Touch Lamination is also a high-end lamination service available at MilanPOD. It is somehow the same as velvet lamination. It creates a plush texture that feels to touch and engagement. The plus point with this lamination service is that the color doesn’t fly away and the best part is that it is environment friendly. Soft-touch lamination gains popularity now. Not only people using it for visiting cards, catalogs, brochures but also for the book covers. Also, the look wise the same as velvet lamination, soft-touch lamination is quiet pocket friendly as it is cheaper laminating service than Velvet lamination.


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    Not just lamination is proof completion of a digitally printed book but also it has a lot of benefits for a document and books.
  • Increase the Durability of the book cover/document and allow it for frequent use
  • Give protection against fingerprints and other foreign particles like tears, wrinkles, abrasions moisture, etc.
  • Richer color enhancing to make it look more professional.
  • Gives strength and stiffness to the book cover or a document.
  • Giving life to photos and images as it is completely transparent and does not affect the quality of the printing. 

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MilanPOD has numerous lamination services for every individual and business owner. So, if you are searching for “document lamination services near me” or “delamination services near me”. Then, you are in the right place. MilanPOD provides delamination services also at cheap prices. Other lamination services include – 

  • Photo lamination services
  • Hard lamination services
  • Poster lamination services
  • Id card lamination services
  • Plastic lamination services

And many more.

Photo lamination is a great option to safeguard your photos until the end of time. These days, photography is a passion of everyone and people click photos in their cameras and mobiles and store digitally. But, some photos are not made to be in Laptops or Mobile, so in MilanPOD, you can print your photos as well as photo lamination services also available at reasonable prices of all sizes. 

It is basically used for the documents which we are required to be in a card form. In hard lamination, heavy plastic sheet gets laminated with high temperature over a document and document gets hard with full protection.

Have a big poster for lamination and not decided where to go? Then, MilanPOD is a one-stop destination for poster lamination services. We have big lamination machines that can laminate all the posters within a short period of time. 

Identity Card usually Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Driving License, Voter Card, etc, are very important things any individual has. So to protect them, they need lamination services over them and at MilanPOD, ID card lamination is available at high discounts. 

At MilanPOD, we provide 24×7 Lamination services so that any publisher or any business owner needs urgent orders for their lamination, they can easily get from us. This is the reason our machines never sleep. We believe in providing quick and affordable services to those, who believe in us and want to try our book lamination services around India.
We give value to our customer time and money and that’s why we do our best to enhance our services always for better results.

Our experts always take care of the film used for the lamination. There should be no cut over the sheet roll and of high quality. We always want to serve people not only from Delhi or North India but also from the other parts of India too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get something laminated?

There are various rate available and its all depend upon the requirement of the lamination. Well, the starting range is Re 1 or maybe less than that on bulk orders to the maximum which you can get in a quote.

Why lamination is important?

Lamination is completely the customer’s optional thing. But there are a lot of benefits to lamination. Starting from the strength to giving life to the images of the book cover or any documents.

Is it OK to laminate a birth certificate?

You should always laminate not only your birth certificate but all the certificates and important documents so that they do not get torn out by external pressure and you can always use them for all your needs.

In how much time will I get my laminated book?

It just a matter of priority of the order. If you need an urgent collection of printed books with need all the covers laminated, then it hardly takes a minute for more than 20 sheets laminated. Superfast lamination service in Delhi, India

How do you Laminate?

At MilanPOD, we do have highly maintained lamination machines that can performs all the lamination like matt, Gloss, Velvet, Soft Touch lamination. With our team of highly professional individuals and best unit for lamination, we are able to provide lamination services at affordable prices.

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