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Print on Demand books is now available at a pocket-friendly cost. Grab the deal and get the best print on demand books services in India for self-publishing of your books easily.

Without overprinting, want to satisfy the needs of the printing? MilanPOD advanced printing technology provides the best and affordable print on demand books services all over the world without spending on large printing costs.

When you choose MilanPOD for your POD books services, you have not to take care of bookbinding, scanning, sewing as well as lamination. At MilanPOD, everything comes under one roof. No matter whether you have one book or 1000, it is over responsibility to get your work done on time. With our POD books services, authors do not depend on the publishers to get their books printed. But, they can directly approach their readers.

Our USP is maintaining quality without charging high prices. And we try to give you the services at very low competitive prices. We have global clients, so you don’t have to worry about the shipping as we do have all the access to ship our POD books all over the world by trusted courier companies.

As the name indicates, Print on demand refers to the printing in which the printing is done after getting a demand from the customer/client. Print on Demand of books is the digital printing of the books when they get the order of the printing. This is usually done in small quantities as printing larger quantities in printing presses will be much cheaper than the POD of the books.

It wasn’t that economically easy to print a single quantity of a book or a few with the traditional way of printing. So, with digital printing technology, POD services ruled the market with their economical package for smaller quantities of books. 

Do you live in India and searching for affordable and best quality self-book publishing? Do not lose hope as MilanPOD brings the best book publishing companies in India. 

The world is getting digital. Developed countries have already conquered the world of digitalization whereas the developing countries are still working on their digitization.

When it comes to the best self-publishing companies, you can get access to a wide pool of professional print on demand. MilanPOD service comprises 24×7 support staff to solve your pre and after-sales queries. 

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We realize that people always expect high-quality work and due to this, sometimes they don’t even care for the money. If you chose a company, that is just using a low-quality paper for self-book publishing then, you will regret your time and efforts. However, with MilanPOD, you can be sure that your printed books will be delivered on time with proper genuine quality. Hence, you need not lose your sleep over thinking about the bad quality of printed books. To double-check the quality, we do have high-quality, well-maintained machines and along with it, experienced trained staff is an advantage.

Needless to say, when you avail of our print on demand services, we are bound to offer you the highest quality work. Besides quality, we realize that clients are facing a time crunch. Keeping in mind, we have to work all the time so that there will be no problem in getting the orders for the clients. 


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It is not possible if we work with only one machine. To process a large number of orders, we have a chain of highly efficient machines for printing and a well-built connection with the leading paper mills that really help us in managing large scale orders and made print on demand of books possible without losing the quality of the work.

MilanPOD self-book publishing deals with all industries related to Education, Trade, Journals, etc and we do have in-house production of covers and all the options of binding. 

MilanPOD Print on Demand Services includes – 

Being an author or a publisher, you can get an order anytime and it’s our duty to give you the books on your demand. MilanPOD’s smart way of printing on demand books can help you 24×7.

MilanPOD provides on-demand board book printing for new authors and independent developers. With premium, offset-printed board books, we have delighted thousands of individuals. We make the self-publishing experience fun and comprehensible with low minimum order amounts and dedication to great customer service.

MilanPOD’s best custom journal printing can help you to express your views even in a better way. Get personalized journals according to the need of the paper type, binding, and lamination.

Tired of reading magazines owned by other people and want to self publish your own created magazines? MilanPOD gives the opportunity to publish your magazine’s dreams on paper. Get the quote for print on demand for magazines.

Catalogs are the best medium for sharing the information as catalogs are easily shared. MilanPOD provides the catalog on-demand printing at nominal prices as such that you don’t think much to share the catalogs in the market to increase your business. And give them a source for comparison so that they can choose you.

People often search for the best book publishing companies in India and they get online printing with MilanPOD on a 24/7 basis, which means you can get ready access to our salesperson.

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  • No need for inventory – Due to this, you do not have to buy and store 100 or 1000 books. You can get 3-4 books from time to time when you get the order.
  • All on demand Printing solutions under one roof – Just fill up our form here or directly connect us with a call and then you don’t have to worry about your production and shipping.
  • Reach billions of readers – As mentioned, by print on demand services, you can even sell your books on online e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.
  • All sizes available – At MilanPOD, there is an availability of all the sizes of the book. No matter your desired book is small or big in size. We have solutions for that.

~No rush, no troubles, We offer easy print on demand books ~

Print on demand services was basically preferred by independent authors and now it becomes the need of the printing demand. With the on-demand printing solutions, authors are saved from the upfront cost which they have to give if they are approaching offset machines or printing press.

To order printing your self-published book –

Call us and share the details –Take the quotation — Pay the amount — Take the delivery before time

It is very easy for you if you need to edit the format of the book or something which is irrelevant. We have the support for designers for your ease at free of cost.

  • Reach us via a phone call or get a quote by filling up a form. Let us have a quick consultation with you regarding your requirements for the self-publishing of the books. 
  • No Hidden Cost. You will know all the inclusive prices for the self-printing of the books. We do have seasonal discounts also. 
  • Deadline always sucks but you don’t have to worry for the same as MilanPOD has the habit of getting the POD work done before the deadlines.
  • Stop delaying your dream to get print on the paper and take a step forward for the best print on demand services from MilanPOD. We agree to help you create the best quality at affordable prices.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to print a book on demand?

At MilanPOD, the prices are very nominal and the cost are completely depends upon the book printing size and paper. 

Can you print a single copy of a book?

Yes, and even with the best price. It doesn’t matter for us whether it is 1 or 1000, we do quality POD book services for all counts of the books under one roof.

Is Print on Demand Profitable?

Yes, it is profitable if you need on demand printing. Because, if you have a large order you will move for offset printing. But due to the overhead cost of this, Print on Demand really a successor and 100% profitable as compared to all traditional printing.

In how much time will I get my POD book?

In a day for the urgent orders. It is MilanPOD’s USP to give orders on the most urgent basis. We have done this countless times because we know the value of the order.

Is POD services are available in all the countries?

Yes, MilanPOD’s services are global and can be avail from anywhere in the world at the most competitive pocket-friendly prices and in a very short time without losing the quality of the book.

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