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Our Services


Designing is the first step for printing of the book. It includes not only the cover/title of the book but also the kind of modifications publishers required in the pages.



Scanning services used when publishers want to reprint their own old books but they don’t have the soft copy of that. With books, covers/documents are also scanned in high quality.


The most important part of the book which requires a great and shining quality. If print is bad, everything is bad. So, MilanPOD gives the best printing experience.


Sewing is the hold of the pages to stick together. But not all the printed books require sewing. It is the optional operation before binding. MilanPOD have highly trained staff for clean sewing of books.


MilanPOD has the availability of all types of binding available in the market. With that, we have highly maintained binding machines and trained staff for spotless binding.


Lamination is the procedure of covering the books title/cover with the plastic film so that, the shine will last long. With the high quality machine, MilanPOD have all types of laminations available.


Great Packaging facility like shrink packing to prevent the books from the wear and tear. With that, MilanPOD also gives the fast delivery to the people who are running out of time.